Your Destination

Helping you build effective communication strategies, grounded in clarity about your target audiences and what you want communications to achieve for your organisation. 

With a strong background in international public policy and business sustainability, I help clients see their mandate in the wider social and political context.


Content Creation

Your Journey

Helping you articulate your story: your passion, your unique contribution and your journey to make a difference. 

Creating clear, compelling messages and materials that will resonate with your audiences. 

Listening carefully to what drives you, I help you express it in new ways, to touch people and bring them along on your journey.



Your Fellow Travellers

We don’t walk alone. To really make a difference, we must collaborate – and increasingly with those from other disciplines and perspectives.

I help clients build multi-sector partnerships, identifying and pursuing opportunities to collaborate across business, government and the civil sector.

Global Businesses


Cultural Organisations

What I bring to your project


Apsara: Female spirit and muse Angkor Wat, Cambodia


More than 25 years experience in countries around the world, and in all aspects of business communications: media relations, employee communications, government relations and regulatory affairs, crisis communications, community involvement and corporate foundation leadership.


Strategic orientationwith extensive experience building audience- and goal-driven communication plans.


With strong background in international public policy, business sustainability and multi-sector partnerships, I help clients see their work in the wider context – the global network of public, private and civil sector actors who have a stake in their mission.



Exceptional analytical and writing skills. I listen carefully to understand a client’s needs, conducting internal and external research to understand your goals, your organisation and the wider context. I then turn all of this into communications tools – strategies, reports, announcements, presentations – that allow you to take your ideas forward.


An experienced performer, I can present your project – and help you present it – in ways that will resonate with audiences large and small.


Adept at collaborating across geographic and organisational boundaries, with an ability to earn people’s trust and ensure that different points of view are heard and reflected.


As an independent advisor, I can work to your schedule, location and budget. You pay for expertise and results, not overheads.

Bangalore office

Culturelytics team: Bangalore, India

Writing is among the most powerful tools we have. When you write down, you don’t just record facts, you create new entities, you create money, create corporations and governments. Money, laws, trade, employment – this is the stuff of early writing. Only later does writing move from rations to emotions. The accountants get there before the poets.

Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum

BBC Radio series, A History of the World in 100 Objects (2010), On a cuneiform tablet from ancient Mesopotamia