Cly is a consummate communications professional. Highly experienced, with the ability to put her finger on the key issue in complex problems or summarise a USP with flair and imagination. She is also a superb team player; she gets on well with everyone, respected for quality work and liked for her genuinely thoughtful, self-effacing nature. She has contributed immeasurably to our work both in the field and in developing the company, and we are very fortunate to have her on board as an Associate Director.

Sir Richard Shirreff, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Strategia Worldwide

We are a fast-growing data analytics company based in Bangalore that wanted to build impactful communications for global markets. Cly quickly understood our unique product offer and crafted an array of clear, compelling communications that have helped us attract international clients. She also crosses organisational and cultural boundaries with ease, and quickly became an integral and highly valued member our team.

Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, Founder, Culturelytics Pvt Ltd

For more than 10 years, Cly has been a trusted advisor and support to me on a wide variety of projects. She has consistently provided invaluable insight and leadership. She combines a deep understanding of the global stakeholder environment with a sharp ability to envision and articulate a strategy. And her commitment and engaging personality allow her to quickly gain trust across boundaries.

Afzaal Malik, Vice President for Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, Mars Chocolate

Cly has an amazing talent as a storyteller and narrator. Not only does she thoroughly research her subject, but she understands the real power of language and performance to bring it to life. She knows how to paint a picture with words and deliver a message that takes the listener to a different place – either in their imagination or to a place of better understanding. And all delivered in that glorious, mellifluous and lyrical voice!

Gaynor Schofield, former Music Director, Viva Acappella

 …an astonishing orator!

Member of Viva Acappella Chorus

At our Institute, Cly was an unusual student. She came from outside the field of archaeology, combining a passion for cultural heritage with significant experience in public policy and business. She produced papers that asked some new and challenging questions about our work as stewards of heritage. I believe that this broader perspective is critical to ensuring a sustainable future for our heritage resources, and I hope she’ll continue her work in this field.

Kathyrn Walker Tubb, Conservator and Lecturer, Institute of Archaeology, University College London

Cly has been a great asset to the IFRC’s partnership-building work. What stands out is her ability to take our initial ideas about what we want to achieve, absorb a lot of input from a wide range of people, then create a clear, well-structured business plan and documents to help guide the organisation. And in the process, everyone feels heard; in a complex global network like ours this is an invaluable service. She also works fluidly across sectors, understanding the perspective and language of business and the public and civil sectors.

Olaug Bergseth, director of Strategic Partnerships, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Cly has a special talent for strategic writing. You throw a lot of ideas and information at her, and she makes sense of it all. Combined with her public policy background and experience working in markets around the world, she has long been a valued consultant to me and others in the global Coca-Cola system.

Sonya Soutus, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, The Coca-Cola Company

I have worked with Cly both as a colleague and later as a consultant. She was one of the most experienced and talented public affairs and communications professionals I worked with. When I hired her to conduct a study of Coca-Cola’s community activities in Europe, she produced a ground-breaking document that became a core reference work for our global business. Her insight into broader societal issues helped her make a genuine contribution to the business. And her energy and humour helped her to engage people and made her a delight to work with.

Nehl Horton, Chief Public Affairs and Communications Officer, MillerCoors